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A person not only gets identified by his name, but also his ethnicity, culture, origin and state. The concept of citizenship is based upon identifying a person through the State he belongs to. A citizen is a person who enjoys absolute civil and political rights of the state. Citizens and State are duty bound to each other; closely knitted and compliments each other’s existence.

Every country has its own citizenship laws and a person can be a citizen of a State by simply being born into it. Sometimes, these laws can get complex, giving birth to unique and exceptional situations such as being termed ‘stateless’. Only a citizenship lawyer comes into play in such situations who can redress the harm caused. So if one gets stuck in a situation such as above, and has to consult a citizenship lawyer in Delhi, they should look no further and get in touch with the legal team of Karan S. Thukral.

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What is the role of Citizenship Lawyer?

Citizenship lawyers provide advice and guidance for matters such as acquisition/ revocation of citizenship, statelessness and naturalization. They also provide assistance in matters related to passport renewal, fresh issue and surrendering a passport. The role of a citizenship lawyer is that of an advisor to foreign/ domestic citizens and immigrants. They need to come up with strong evidence and facts that can help their client to get acquitted in a hassle-free and seamless manner. Generally matters pertaining to citizenship are client exclusive and varies drastically on case-to-case basis. Hence once should always look for a citizenship lawyer driven by wit and experience to defend their case and present the same before the relevant authorities and Court of law.


Laws Related to Citizenship in India

The Constitution of India coupled with the Citizenship Act of 1955 constitutes what is known as the citizenship law of India. Parliament, in exercise of the power given to it under Article 11 of the Constitution has passed the Indian Citizenship Act, 1955. This Act accommodates the securing and revocation of Citizenship in India.

Following are the ways to acquire Indian Citizenship


Citizenship by Birth


The concept of citizenship by birth is dealt under Section 3 of the Citizenship Act and the significant ingredient is that one ought to have been born in India. Obviously, the aforesaid is subject to certain impediments laid down under the Act itself, which a citizenship lawyer can best interpret and use to your advantage when the time so demands.

Citizenship by Descent 


If a person is born outside India, but is a descent of a person who has Indian origin, can within a period of 1 year from his birth be registered as Indian Citizen by following the procedure laid down under the said act. One can take assistance of a citizenship lawyer to go through the procedure smoothly and without any ruckus.

Citizenship by Registration


Subject to the conditions laid down under the Act, a person can avail Indian Citizenship by way of registration.

Citizenship by Naturalization


A certificate of naturalization can be obtained in your favour by completing all the formalities and requirements of the Citizenship Act. It can be done best with the aid of an expert citizenship lawyer.

Citizenship by Incorporation of territory

Following is the list of ways to surrender/ revoke your Indian Citizenship




Any person can renounce his Indian citizenship by simply making a declaration to that effects and getting it registered through a citizenship lawyer.




If an Indian Citizen voluntarily acquires citizenship of any other country, his Indian Citizenship is deemed to be terminated from the day he acquired the said citizenship.




This is a form of compulsory termination by way of an order of central government. If you are facing Deprivation, its best to leave it on an experienced citizenship lawyer, who can challenge the said order and represent you before the appropriate forum.



Citizenship laws can have both positive and negative externalities. Thus, it is best to extract essential and vital facts to protect oneself from any repercussions, such as being termed ‘stateless’. If you are looking for a citizenship lawyer in Delhi, India, connect with Karan S. Thukral and his team of legal experts to experience one of the finest legal excursion.